The Wind Blows West

Silent Films or Films Playes Silently at the Rock Bar

Wind Blows West

The American Frontier has been conquered. Most of the gold has been rushed. There is less dust for the wind to blow and more paved routes to the coast. The myth of the cowboy and tall tales of how the West was won still make for a good story. California has it’s own romantic notions regarding wind, westerns, pioneers, and nature. It doesn’t get more windy or western than San Francisco, geographically speaking. 

“There’s not enough sun out to warm a rattlesnake!” Ditch the fog and come on down to Rock Bar. Whet your whistle with John Wayne, Roy Rogers and friends on the big screen. Silent Film (films played silently) Night presents a curated selection of Windy Westerns set in California and video works from Greg Stimac, Ben Bigelow, and Chris Fraser.  Pearl snaps optional, recommended drinks: The Green Stone, Gold Street, and Fire in the Hole.

Greg Stimac Old Faithful Inverted, 2011

Ben Bigelow Easy Does It 2, 2010

Chris Fraser Field Recording 1, 2010

Chris Fraser Field Recording 2, 2010

Chris Fraser Field Recording 3, 2011

Chris Fraser Marin Headlands, 8 July 2010, Trace, 2010

Miguel Arzabe Oregan, 2012

Miguel Arzabe Saguaro, 2012

Miguel Arzabe Joshua Tree, 2012

Miguel Arzabe Dinky, 2012