s k e l e t o n: CALDER YATES

s k e l e t o n : solo exhibitions in the PLAySPACE closet

Calder Yates

February 10 - March 2, 2012

Calder Yates is an emerging San Francisco artist by way of Florida currently pursuing his MFA at CCA. His work deals in tensions – the tension of a chair being held together against its own inertia, or the moments between two people either wrestling or sharing an intimate embrace. The work is often serious, addressing ideas of repair and compromise, but made lighter and more digestible through a neon color pallet or mode of display. During the opening reception, Yates will install a selection of sculptural and two-dimensional collages as well as a special performance. A new work will be on display in the PLAySPACE storage closet from February 10 – March 7, 2012.

Skeleton is an exhibition program for PLAySPACE, which offers three artists from Bay area MFA programs a solo exhibition in the PLAySPACE storage closet.  Chosen for their ability to counter certain constraints, artists respond via installation in the space of a storage closet temporarily re-purposed as a display space. Opening receptions take place in the former PLAySPACE Gallery on California College of the Arts San Francisco campus. The storage closet of PLAySPACE has turned into a fully functioning gallery.